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  • Pro Ice boots provide targeted cold ice therapy for tendons & joints use as regular maintenance & management or as part of injury recovery & rehabilitation

    * Unique Hypofreeze Gel is retained in strategically placed pockets to avoid slumping within the boot.
    * Gel remains soft and contours to lower limb ensuring maximum surface contact with skin.
    * Soft mesh lining protects skin from freeze burn, whilst allowing maximum transfer of cold.

    More Severe tendon injuries
    With more severe SDFT's (superficial Digital Flexor Tendon) injuries & where hyperextension of the fetlock has occurred ice therapy is required to cause vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels), reduce proteolytic enzymatic activity, decrease influx of inflammatory mediators & toxins and provide pain relief. ProIce boots should be applied in 20min sessions 4 or more times a day. The sooner they can be applied in these cases the better. The initial stages of injury are critical.

    The continued use of regular ice therapy as part of a controlled exercise programme is essential to recovery and will speed up the process of rehabilitation.

    Note:always use cold therapy in conjunction with veterinary advice.
    In more severe cases consult your vet immediately.

    Instructions for Use
    Place boots or inserts in freezer for minimum 4-6hrs or overnight prior to application.
    Use in short 20-30min sessions/ multiple times daily in severe cases. Place securely on leg with 'joint cup' under back of fetlock. Ensure straps are firmly closed, but not over tight.

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