Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups

This innovative stirrup, with a strong, lightweight design offers:
  • A shock-absorbing system (the tread rests on elastomer springs with "gripp" and "ultra-gripp" technologies)
  • Ergonomic shapes for the tread and the stirrup leather slot
    (both offset and skewed in relation to the stirrup for a better connection with the mount)
  • A unique concept for personalization: My Flex-on 
    (a special location for a personalized sticker, choice of frame colour, etc.)

Customization of Green Composite stirrups

In the Green Composite Range, the rider can choose:
  • The colour of the frame (black, chocolate brown, 
    anthracite grey, silver grey, royal blue, orange, cherry red)
  • The type of tread (Mixed Gripp, Mixed Ultra-Gripp,
    Inclined Gripp, Inclined Ultra-Gripp)
  • The colour of the shock absorbers (green, grey)

Select and Buy

We're sorry but this product is not currently available for sale online. Please contact us for options.


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