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Amerigo Vega Jump

Amerigo Vega, the saddle that puts the rider in a position that provides perfect balance and harmony with the horse. The difference between the Amerigo and Amerigo Vega saddles is that the Vega has been made with a synthetic tree, this means the price is more affordable, the tree shape itself has been designed to fit a range of horse types, making them a very versatile saddle. The quality and workmanship is still very high, the tree also has a lifetime guarantee.

As with the other Amerigo models, I can provide the Vega to meet your requirements as the rider, with options for bigger knee blocks, longer/shorter flaps and for the taller rider more forward cut flaps. Both the dressage and jump saddles are available as double and single flaps in pinerola and plain leather.

Prices start at £2,750.00

Amerigo Vega Jump

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