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Equine America Extra Boost Paste- 30ml Syringe


Some horses benefit from an extra shot of iron and B complex vitamins just before competition. Xtra Boost is a handy 3 x 10 ml serving paste to be used prior to competition to support energy levels and maximize performance.

Xtra Boost is a short-term supplement for that big event or competition. If a vitamin and mineral supplement or tonic such as V-Biotic or ProPell Plus is being used, Xtra Boost should still be given, without concern of over supplementing.

When should you feed Xtra Boost?

  • As a three day build-up to competition for an extra boost toenergy and stamina
  • To competing show jumpers and polo ponies
  • To boost energy levels of the lethargic horse
How does Xtra Boost work?
Xtra Boost combines highly-absorbable iron for energy and stamina with effective B vitamins. B vitamins are the bodies 'feel good' vitamins that aid performance and ultilisation of energy. Xtra Boost is a three day build-up excellent for preparing for that big competition or when staying away at shows.

Extra Boost Paste

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